Under the "Charente" sky

Cognac Barrels,

So that 'eau-de-vie' may become COGNAC, it must age in barrels made from oak. The aeration of the 'eau-de-vie' through the woods modifies the cognac, imparting the colour and a certain roundness to the flavour. Over time, this COGNAC, which leaves the alambic with floral tones, is going to develop in the same way that a white wine develops, giving way to a complex balance of flavours including crystallised fruits, must and a fine touch of wood. To permit this alchemy, and unlike white wine where the cellar should stay at a constant temperature during the ageing process to hold the fruit flavours, COGNAC is likewise kept in the shade, but more importantly it is stable humidity and seasonal temperatures which are important. Thus, it is under the Charente sky and  constant attention over long years that  Cognac SARRAZIN Family is blessed by a harmonious transmutation.