The work of the wine grower

VINES: This parcel of land is the same as that used in the in the grape picking scene in  "Another Time".Mechanisation today has improved the work and management of the land.

GRAPE: As used throughout the Charente: Ugni blanc

AGE OF THE VINES: Even if the photo shows a vine that looks young (and all vines have to be renewed) the average age of the vines is between 30 and 40 years old.


MAKING THE WINE: The mechanical picking process and collection speeds the process of the grapes to the wine maker and the timely crushing of the grapes to eliminate oxidation. These operations, from the vine to  fermenting and the fermenting process, itself subjected to very close watching, all have an influence on the quality of the wines, and after distillation, on the quality of the eau-de-vie, the future COGNAC.